Africa is the 2nd fastestgrowing region in the worldover the last decade

Operating Entities

ABD Group has successfully founded and owns operating entities in the light industry, construction/maintenance, and multi-media industries. ABD Group’s first-hand knowledge of markets and sectors throughout the continent allow it to identify market gaps, trends, and opportunities. ABD Group evaluates several opportunities per year but is selective about the ones where it takes ownership. ABD Group looks to invest in industries where it feels it can be a market leader. Additionally, ABD Group is focused on businesses that add to the employment of the people in the countries where it works and in businesses that add to the overall growth of the country.

ABD Group is expanding its interest in operating companies across the continent and expansion into sectors we views as high growth such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, energy and infrastructure.

ABD Group has successfullyfounded a multitude of operating entities