ABD Group was founded14 years agoby Mohamed Keita and John Nevergole

ABD Group was founded 14 years ago by Mohamed Keita and John Nevergole when African economies were developing the macroeconomic and political indicators required to attract investment. However, for multi-national firms and investors to make the decision to invest they needed a trusted partner with presence and experience on the ground. After having completed several successful cross border deals together, Mohamed based in Mali and John based in the U.S., the two founders realized they had developed an understanding of what it takes to successfully operate across cultures and borders. Thus, ABD was founded with the mission of filling that gap and being the trusted partner for entry into and growth in Africa.

Today ABD Group has a presence on the ground to serve as a partner in every major market in West, Central, East and Southern Africa. Its partnerships have resulted in over $2 billion USDs of capital invested. Partners include Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest emerging market investors. Having partnered with companies and investors from the Americas, Europe, and Asia, ABD Group understands the various cultural aspects involved in creating successful business partnerships. At the same time ABD has become a trusted partner that African governments turn to when they want to attract investment and realize projects vital to the growth of their country.

Additionally, ABD Group founded and owns operating companies in light industry, construction/maintenance, and multi-media. ABD Group prides itself on being able to recruit and maintain top talent on the continent as well as its ability to identify gaps, trends, and growth markets across the continent.

ABD Group’s experience and activities span a broad array of sectors including agriculture, aviation, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, ports, and telecommunications. Africa’s growth prospects are higher than ever and African economies will be major contributors on the world stage for decades to come. With its presence and experience ABD Group is positioned as a leader in the market. ABD Group looks forward to continuing to be part of major projects and investments that will be a catalyst for the sustainable growth of economies in Africa while advancing Africa’s business frontier.

ABD Group understands the variouscultural aspects involved increating successful business partnerships